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Reboot was a Canadian animated show that aired 4 seasons between 1994 and 2001. It was created by Mainframe Studios, and was the first fully-CGI animated show. It revolved around the adventures of characters living inside a computer system, as they fought to keep their system safe from viruses and games. 

Although primarily targeted at children, the show contained complex world-build, interesting characters, and detailed ongoing plots, which combined with real-world cultural references, drew in many older youths and even young adults. Later seasons of the show built upon this success and re-targeted the show more towards the older crowd.

Despite an enthusiastic fanbase, the show struggled to find reliable financing, with the idea of a cartoon for older youths and young adults being an uncommon idea at the time. As such, a planned 5th season was never produced. 

This is the show upon which Reboot: The RPG is based.

ReBoot: The Guardian Code

Many revivals of the show were attempted, but finances never materialized.

Finally in 2014 a new concept was revealed that would combine CG animation with live action segments. This new show would focus on 4 new characters, teenagers in the real-world who would travel into cyberspace. The main characters of the original show were confirmed to appear, but only in a limited capacity.

The show ended up producing 20 episodes divided in 2 seasons, both aired in 2018. The show largely failed to find an audience, with fans of the original rejecting it for sidelining the original characters, world, and concept, while it failed to draw in new viewers. The show also bore a striking similarity to the French animated series: Code Lyoko, which predates The Guardian Code by over a decade.

Reboot: The RPG does not adhere to the canon of Reboot: The Guardian Code.

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