A unauthorized and unofficial fan-made RPG based on the classic Mainframe Studios animated series!

This is a work in progress with closed Beta testing ongoing. Initial public Beta tests are planned for 2024.

Stay tuned for updates on this official page, for this VERY unofficial project!

Hi, my name is Spencer, and I'm creating a TableTop RPG based on the animated series ReBoot. This is a passion project I work on in my spare time, and building a TTRPG is a big task, so please bear with me. 

The alpha version is based off the D&D 5th edition SRD, but the beta will move to a custom version of the d20 engine built specifically for this game.

My Primary Goals:
Adhere to established canon from the series and interpretations & extrapolations thereof.
ReBoot: The Guardian Code is not considered canon for the purposes of this game.
Create a truly unique TTRPG experience, while attempting to capture the feel and spirit of the original show.
Make the game easy to learn for both new players, and players of existing d20-based games.