ReBoot the RPG Features

Adventure Structure

A typical ReBoot the RPG adventure follows a similar structure to an episode of the show, with most of the adventure taking place in the system or the net, but some part usually happening in a Game.

Games in the RPG function similarly to Games depicted in the show, providing a different environment and gameplay experience than the outside environment.

Character Formats

In Reboot the RPG, characters archetypes are called Formats.  
The initial release of the RPG will contain 5 character Formats: Guardian, Game Sprite, Web Surfer, Hacker, and

Additionally, Formats will be able to take on specialties to refine their gameplay  and open up more player options.

Game Mechanics

The Reboot RPG has been fully moved to the 2d20 system from Modiphius under their 2d20 World Builders program. If you've never played a 2d20 system, it's easy to learn and strikes a balance between the structure of a rigid system like D&D, and the  flexibility of a system like Powered by the Apocalypse. 


The primary antagonists of Reboot are Viruses, although infected or evil Binomes, Sprites, and Numerals are common, and alien beings like Web Creatures and Code Masters appear as well. Unlike a game like D&D where the variety of enemies mostly comes in the form of a massive array of non-sentient  creatures, the variety in Reboot comes in the form of NPCs with unique personalities and goals, and most opponents are sentient.

Additionally the mysterious User provides an everpresent antagonist, in the form of Games.